Why DO Companies Need SD-WAN?

According to the SD-WAN Forecast and Opportunity: How They Will Disrupt The Router Market report released by Garner, around 30% of businesses are using SD-WAN products in all of its branch offices by the end of 2019.

For companies with a fairly broad business scope and having branch offices in some areas have special needs how to integrate data from the head office to branch offices, and integration of companies in accessing systems that are placed outside their infrastructure for example in the cloud. To answer this problem, a network solution called software-defined networking (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN) or SD-WAN is needed. In simple terms, SD-WAN is a solution that simplifies device management and operations for a wider area network.

The SD-WAN solution makes it easy for a company to expand its computer network to a wider area, including connecting branch offices in remote areas with data in the head office and other offices. SD-WAN of course also uses a centralized Control Plane with a separate device from the Forwarding Plane device.

This allows users to set which data is prioritized in data traffic. This function is a solution for companies that are expanding their network area. Because when expanding the network, there are several challenges that the company must face in its operations, such as network congestion so that it does not get a network because it has to pass through several cross-provider networks.

By using the SD-WAN solution, companies can get a variety of benefits. The first benefit that can be obtained is efficiency because the application of SD-WAN can reduce operational costs because companies can switch to broadband lines such as fiber, cable, DSL, to cellular instead of using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Apart from lower costs, the SD-WAN solution also offers a network with high performance but still security. In an SD-WAN solution, usually, there are security features that function to protect network security from external threats. In addition, users can also take advantage of the entire network by adjusting the allocation of data traffic according to their needs to be more optimal.

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