Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Catering Menus

Marriage is one of the most important moments that everyone looks forward to. Which everyone, will plan with all good and maximum preparation. Starting from the preparation of place selection, decorations, bridal makeup, wedding rings, photography, to the wedding catering menu.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the number of invitations who will attend your wedding. And this is closely related to the “catering pernikahan” package that you will choose later. But take it easy! You can follow the following tips so that you don’t choose the wrong food menu at your wedding later.

Adjust to the Wedding Budget

The main thing you pay attention to is choosing a catering wedding menu = which is to determine your wedding budget first. You also have to be smart in choosing the food menu for your wedding later.

Or another thanksgiving that requires nasi tumpeng, for example. And set the amount for invited guests. But keep in mind, delicious food is not always overpriced! So you don’t have to have a high budget for a delicious food menu. And you no longer need to worry about your wedding not being carried out optimally.

Determine the food according to the area where the reception is It’s a good idea to serve a food menu according to the taste of authentic Indonesian cuisine that comes from your area or your partner’s area. For example, the Surabaya area which is famous for its cingur rujak, Madura with its signature satay, soto which is the iconic Lamongan, rendang from Padang, pempek from tekwan, Solo which is famous for its distinctive taste of meatballs, and many more Indonesian dishes that you can serve at the event. your special.

By knowing in what city your wedding party is held and which guests are predominantly from which customs, of course you will find it easy to determine your wedding catering food menu. But before the food is served, you should ask the kitchen to taste the food first. This aims to anticipate if there are some foods that taste inappropriate.

The Food Menu Can Be Adjusted To The Wedding Theme

You can also adjust the food menu to your wedding theme. For example, the theme of your wedding is a Middle Eastern theme, you can choose a Middle Eastern food menu along with food utensils.

Prepare a variety of food menus The wedding party is certainly attended by various people of all ages. Starting from small children to the elderly. So, you have to prepare various types of food variations that are suitable for all groups or ages. Starting from appetizers to desserts.

Serve with just enough portions You also have to be smart in determining the portion of dishes that will be served with the number of wedding guests and the number of dishes.

If you serve a variety of dishes with not many invited guests, then candy must give a small portion or just enough. This is so that guests can taste a variety of other dishes Do a survey of various wedding catering services If you use a wedding catering service, you also have to make sure that the catering service you choose is right, and uses good and clean food ingredients.

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