This is the difference between Dawet and Cendol

When the sun makes the weather hot, dawet becomes a soothing drink. The legit taste of brown sugar mixed with chewy dawet really makes many people love this drink. However, did you know that dawet is different from cendol? Although similar, there are differences between cendol and dawet. Cendol is more popular in West Java, […]

Lini Belakang Liverpool Kini Sepi

The Reds melihat bek lain bergabung dengan daftar korban minggu ini ketika Joe Gomez dipulangkan dari skuad Inggris Liverpool semakin terjerumus ke dalam krisis pertahanan pekan ini ketika Joe Gomez dipastikan menjadi pemain terbaru yang mengalami cedera. Bek tengah itu mundur dari skuad Inggris menjelang pertandingan mereka melawan Republik Irlandia, Belgia dan Islandia karena masalah […]

Law 28 of 2014 about copyright in Indonesia

Copyright in Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright is the exclusive right of a creator that arises automatically based on the declarative principle after a work is manifested in a tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations. Indonesia has experienced many changes in Copyright Law. Since Law […]