7 Most Known Trademark in Indonesia

with more than thousands of national-wide trademark Indonesia is to have lots of famous brands and even abroad. This is good news for trademark Indonesia. See the list here;

  • Indomie

This instant ramen noodles is one of the most famous trademarks Indonesia which is known throughout the world, ranging from Indonesia, Dubai, and African countries. global sensation makes its way through the top with the “fried noodles taste” with rich and tasty seasoning.

  • Sosro bottled tea

This bottle of sweet tea by sosro is widely recognized by the most famous advertising they say “whatever you eat, sosros bottled tea is your drink”. You can find this brand almost everywhere. No doubt, sosro bottled tea is one of the earliest in Indonesia.

  • Tokopedia

one of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce, which has recently had some problems like breaching data. Nonetheless, Tokopedia widely used for electronic purchases, home appliances, and dairy products.

  • Gudang Garam

Version Marlboro cigarettes in Indonesia. Usually loved by old people, because their taste feels “strong enough”

  • CFC

This is essentially a version of KFC Indonesia, with some additional adjustments as a menu of fried rice, or fried mee menu.

  • J.co Donuts

Founded by Johnny Andrean, a well-known hairdresser, donut chain can be found in every airport in Indonesia. it feels much like creme crispy.

  • Buccheri

while that sounds Italian, but this trademark is 100% Indonesia Indonesia. These brands sell things related to fashion, and everything made of real cowhide.

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