This is the difference between Dawet and Cendol

When the sun makes the weather hot, dawet becomes a soothing drink. The legit taste of brown sugar mixed with chewy dawet really makes many people love this drink. However, did you know that dawet is different from cendol?

Although similar, there are differences between cendol and dawet. Cendol is more popular in West Java, while dawet is more popular in Central and East Java. In addition, both are made from different materials. Dawet is made from rice flour or sticky rice, while cendol is made from green bean flour or hunkwe.

In terms of texture, dawet is softer and smoother, while cendol tends to be more chewy. Judging by the manufacturing process, dawet is molded with a tool with holes so that the shape is elongated and sharp. This is different from cendol which uses a special printer. The printer makes the shape look neater.
Of course it’s not difficult to distinguish dawet and cendol. Want to drink dawet or cendol, both of which are still refreshing drinks, really. You could get dawet and cendol from local vendors in streets or in snack box Jakarta.

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