The Differences Between Lontong and Arem-arem

Lontong and arem-arem are typical Indonesian snacks that are quite easy to find on the snack box jakarta and on the market. Especially during Ramadan.

Suitable for serving with fried and peanut sauce, lontong and arem-arem are the favorites of many people. However, there are still many people who still find it difficult to distinguish the two.

Arem-arem does resemble rice cake. But actually they are different. The difference is in the use of materials.

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“The liquid ingredients used to make rice cake are water and rice cake are not steamed but boiled. Meanwhile, arem-arem is steamed and cooked with coconut milk,” said Linda Ratnawi asih, a lecturer at the Tourism Study Program, Department of Hospitality, Faculty of Letters and Culture, Gunadarma University and also the Paramita Academy of Hospitality. .

Besides that, according to Linda, the grains are usually still original from rice. It’s different from arem-arem, which is usually when you want it to be steamed, the rice will be pounded first.

“That’s why arem-arem’s texture is a little softer and tastes more savory. Because there is coconut milk, the arem-arem wrap usually tends to be more oily, ”said Linda at the SIAM program.

Apart from lontong and arem-arem, in Sulawesi and Kalimantan there are also buras similar to lontong and arem-arem.

“Buras is the same as arem-arem because it is steamed as well, but the characteristic of buras is usually using grated coconut in it. Buras uses coconut which is usually used in ointment and then puts it in the dough, ”said Linda.

“In certain areas, there are even those who roast the coconut first, but usually few do it. Most of it uses coconut milk, ”explained Linda.

Both lontong, arem-arem, and buras are still included in the type of local Indonesian pastry or cake. And according to the type, the three of them fit into the solid type of pastry. Because it can be held directly by hand when you are going to eat it.

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