How to Make Delicious and Legit Lemper

How to make Lemper is not too difficult to practice at home. This one dish is made from glutinous rice, and has a filling of shredded chicken, shredded, or minced meat. Usually, lemper is wrapped in banana leaves. The method for making Lemper is similar to buras or filled rice cake. It’s just that the lemper has a more sticky and savory taste.

Traditional cakes which are often a favorite menu in this snack box are very easy to make. You only need to steam glutinous rice, and it is cooked like rice. Then, the glutinous rice is wrapped in banana leaves. Before being wrapped, the cooked glutinous rice is filled with shredded chicken, shredded, or minced meat. You only need to adjust your taste.

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Lemper contains fluffier sticky rice combined with chicken or shredded meat to add a savory and slightly sweet taste. Its delicious and filling taste makes Lemper preferred by many people.
Lemper is often served in snack box jakarta for meals at many events, such as seminars, social gathering, recitation, or snacks for weddings. Even though it’s easy to find, you can try to make it yourself at home.

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