Indonesia Movie Piracy Keeps Evolving

Previously, copyright infringement in the world of film was piracy of films through optical discs (CDs), these CDs were sold freely anywhere, from markets to tourist attractions. But over time and the rapid development of technology, copyright infringement in the world of cinema has often occurred on the internet. The perpetrators spread their pirated films via websites and can be downloaded.

There are two things in copyright infringement, namely done intentionally but without announcing or reproducing, the second, namely by showing off and circulating in general. Of these two problems, the case that often occurs is distributing or showing pirated films to social media by downloading or streaming. Illegal streaming is the activity of downloading or watching movies on illegal websites for free without the permission of the original film holder. The more people – people who download pirated movies on illegal sites, it can change people’s habits from watching movies in theaters, to downloading pirated films. For further information, you could ask law firm jakarta

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A copyrighted work in the form of a film can indeed be duplicated and modified by irresponsible persons, even almost indistinguishable from the original. This, in effect, is to people who can duplicate the original films and modify the copies, and distribute them to illegal sites at no cost. This is of course detrimental to the producers of the original film because, the work they make with difficulty, is duplicated and distributed without any cost, on the other hand the owner of the film finds it difficult to know that there is a violation or piracy committed by an individual who is not responsible for the film.

In the past people would queue at the cinema to watch films that had just come out. However, since the rise of piracy in the world of film, people tend to prefer to wait several weeks or months, and download or stream on illegal sites rather than watching movies in theaters because it is more cost effective.

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