Content on social media is often hijacked, this is a technology solution from Hyppe

Social media has now become an important aspect of running a business. The development of social media which was originally only a place to socialize, has now become a new ecosystem, which changes the way people transact, socialize, meet and so on. Being a content creator on social media can also be a promising business. Content creator is a profession to create content, in the form of writing, images, video, sound, or a combination of two or more materials.

 Then usually enter the creative team or social media team because the content is made for digital media, such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and others. However, there are still problems that are often experienced by content creators, one of which is regarding content piracy by other parties. Hyppe is trying to provide a data security solution, a social media application that focuses on content protection technology, using Fingerprint Combat technology as its technology base, to protect content from piracy. This is why protection from company consultant Indonesia is needed.

Hyppe Teknologi Indonesia’s Chief Strategy Officer Magin M explained, Fingerprint Combat can help provide protection for any content if there are indications of content piracy. “We are implementing Blockchain and Fingerprint Combat as the technology base in the Hyppe application so that content creators can maintain their content ownership rights while being able to conduct content buying and selling transactions with fellow Hyppe application users,” said Magin in a written statement. 

In addition to Fingerprint Combat, the Hyppe application also includes Blockchain into its technology base. Blockchain itself functions to record data based on a decentralized, efficient and secure peer to peer network because it is protected by the application of strong cryptographic algorithms. Magin said that Indonesia should be at the forefront of Blockchain technology. In fact, Indonesia is the first country in the region to actively utilize this Blockchain technology.

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