How to Access the Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Genshin Impact has launched its newest official interactive map.

The Gensin Impact interactive map serves to help travelers find a variety of material resources throughout the Teyvat area.

The use of the Genshin Impact map released by miHoYo is very effective and easy to use.

Not only showing all the materials in Teyvat, the Genshin Impact interactive map can also provide information on materials that have not been collected by players or which temples have not been visited.

To access the Genshin Impact interactive map, you can do the following:

– Visit the official site of the Genshin Impact interactive map via the link

– After the interactive map is loaded, travelers must log in with their Genshin Impact account

– Travelers who have successfully entered can choose various locations to find materials, waypoints, chests, and so on in the options menu

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